Course contents:
Lecture Notes:                                                                                      Download  Handouts:
Unit 0  : Introduction, Review of Signal and System                                         PDF
Unit 1  : Speech Production and Models                                                         PDF
Unit 2  : Digital Representation of Speech                                                        PDF
           (Waveform Coding: PCM, Quantization, LDM, ADM, DPCM, ADPCM)
Unit 2′ : Time Domain Analysis of Speech                                                     PDF
           (Short-Time Analysis of Energy, Magnitude, Zero-crossing and Autocorrelation Speech and Silence, Pitch Detection)
Unit 3  : Speech and Short-Time Fourier Transform Analysis                         PDF
Unit 4  : Analysis Synthesis system for speech signal                                       PDF
           : Homomorphic Signal Processing                                                       PDF
Unit 5  : Linear Predictive coding of speech                                                     PDF
Unit 6  : Applications of audio and speech signal processing                           PDF
Vector Quantization, K-Mean and HMM  (Download)
Homework 1: Test followed by Assignment
1.Exercise Sheet-1 for Signals & Systems
Homework 2: Design Problem
Soft Deadline 18th Nov 2013, Hard Deadline :23rd Nov 2013
Guidelines Download
Design Problem Statements Download
Homework 3: Open Book Test
(Open Book/Open Notes/Open Internet)
Reading Material