Guest Lecture on MATLAB

  • Training Session on MATLAB for CSE/IT M.Tech students On 11/09/14 & 18/09/14
  • Guest Lecture on Introduction to MATLAB for ECE B.Tech/M.Tech students on 06-09-2014 (Download -Slides)nunew_e0 

Faculty Development Program -FDP on Basics of MATLAB


Faculty Development Program on Basics of MATLAB at Lovely Professional University

Schedule :
Dates: 06-06-14 to 07-06-14
Time: 10:00AM to 04:00 PM
Venue : 25-306

Note: Only for Faculties at Lovely Professional University.
Access of Page, contents and Quiz of FDP are provided to only participants as it would not make more sense to other who have not attended the FDP

MATLAB Series (Workshop)

We are starting MATLAB series workshop that will cover all the basics of MATLAB in detail and help you to get familiar with every basic aspects of MATLAB, which will enable you to use MATLAB efficiently for any projects, thesis or work.

This series will cover contents as given in table with 9 online Quiz, 4 Programming Assignments and 1 Mini Project. Each student will be provided with one online account to access Online Quiz, submit assignments and mini project. At the end of workshop you will be given certificate along with a ‘Response Sheet’, which will reflect your performance in quiz, assignment and mini project.

Contents and Logistics

 Day  Topic  Online Quiz          Assignment    Mini Project
  1  Computations  Online Quiz 1
  2  Matrix and Vectors  Online Quiz 2
  3  Function and Script file  Online Quiz 3
  4  Control Statement  Online Quiz 4  Programming Assignment 1
  5  Plots and Visualizations  Online Quiz 5
  6  File Handling  Programming Assignment 2
  7  File Handling  Online Quiz 6  Allotment
  8  Animation  Online Quiz 7
  9  GUI  Programming Assignment 3
 10  GUI  Online Quiz 8  Submission
 11  Simulink  Online Quiz 9  Programming Assignment 4



MATLAB Resources


Open source software
Freeware, work as MATLAB:

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