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Unit-1 Information Theory PDF
(Self Information, Mutual, conditional Information, Entropy)
Unit-2.1 Source Coding PDF
 (Huffman:Adaptive, n-ary, Runlength, Lempel-Ziv)
Unit-2.2 Foundation of ECC PDF
(BSC, AWGN, BER, Shannon and Nyquist Theorem)
Unit-3.1 Linear Codes PDF
(Coding, Syndrome Decoding, Optimal, MDS, LDPC, Bounds
and Performance)
Unit-3.2 Cyclic Codes PDF
 (Designing, Coding and Decoding, CRC, Polynomial, Golay Code )
——– —————-MTE—————————————— —–
 Unit-4  BCH and Reed Solomon Codes  PDF
 Unit-5  Convolutional Codes  PDF
 Unit-6  TCM, Turbo and Bounds  PDF

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Homework 2: Design Problem
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Homework 3: Open Book Test
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