Choreography FUN & ART

This is Javascript program for two toy dancers, trying to dance by following the musical beats of song :). Press 'N'/'n' to change the track, there are 7 tracks loaded with the program, sometime may take time, just have patience!!!!!

Note: On CentOs 7, with firefox, it doesn't work well, try with Chrome

Snake Game v3.0


Talk This Snake Game is variant of classic Snake Game. You can play exactly same as classical one or with other options. Following options are included

  • Two Players
  • Single player with Computer player
  • Auto play -Both player as computer
  • Computer player can be choosen as Dumb, Crazy or smart

Just try it out.

Do try playing with smart computer player


 Classic Snake GAME v1.0

Download and Play, its FUN!!!


 Sine Wave Oscilloscope v3.0


 Game of Dots and Boxes v1.0