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Invited as a guest speaker by for Learning Community Event for NLP specialization course offered on Coursera. I gave a talk on my journey to AI and a deep dive into my PhD work (PhyAAt) and Postdoctoral work (Deception Detection)

Presenting (online) our work in NeurIPS2019 Conference for a paper - Fraud detection in telephone conversations for financial services using linguistic features

Trailor Video - Invited as a guest speaker by Hamburg Natural Language Processing Meetup + DeepLearning.AI's a Pie & AI community for a talk on Deception detection in the conversation using Linguistic Markers (with an exciting demo on 999 call)

Fourier Analysis

Fourier Transform

Invited as a resource person by Sharda University for a talk on Physiology of Auditory Attention (PhyAAt) with hands-on practice session.

Fourier Series

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