My Liners :                                                                                                                                …(c) Nik’B

  1. I just wanna know you better, so that I can hate you
  2. Op-amp and transistor are smart devices and know very well how to fool input source.
  3. If you understand the concept you will need less mathematics, but if you don’t, stick on Mathematics you will still get same results.
  4. “Academic Criminals”  ..New Noun: Perhaps we need it, to refer to
  5. My favorites always suffer..
  6. Don’t estimate world’s limit by your visible limit only.
  7. If you don’t Learn it Now, Time will teach you and it has only one way to teach.
  8. There is always trade off between ‘Time Management and Quality of Work’
  9. I hate the way I hate you
  10. You make a ‘Hypothesis’ but you *WANT* it to be rejected, instead some day, some facts/figures/results prove it.
  11. If you have to write a program for your own life, How would you do it?
  12. Even if my believe is right, that does not make it true   **(Not exactly mine)
  13. Easiest way to get rid of the feeling of regret of your mistakes is to blame others and prove it. Not a genuine idea but works for MOST of the people.
  14. “God is an Abstraction”
  15. “Love me or Kill me, But Don’t LEAVE me”.
  16. Things should be simple, but not SO simple that it looses its ‘Meaning’
  17. Being ‘Home Sick’ is better than Being ‘Sick’ at Home
  18. Imperfection is your Identity. Don’t lose it, Do maintain it

_______________________________________________________________(c) Nik’B