Some of the interesting problems related to some courses

Information Theory

Consider that your grad in one course examination is equally likely, if there are 5 grades A B C D F. If your course teacher tells you that “your grade is not F”.
Calculate information (in bits)
(a) How much information does this statement give you?
(b) How much more information you need to ensure that your grad either A or B?
(c) How much more information you need to know your grade exactly?
(d) If you are quite sure that you would pass the course at least, How much information does this statement gives you?

If probability that your best friend will come to a party is 0.9 and if he come probability that his room mate will come with him is 0.7, If One person in party is telling you that he saw room mate of your friend in the party, How much information he is giving you?



Signal & Systems

Human Being as a System:
Consider Human being as a “System”, where human behavior is the system response and reaction at particular instant is the output for various inputs. Explain whether Human Being is a Linear, Time Invariant, Causal, With Memory and Stable system or not, give proper justification for each.

Does Zero-Energy signal exist?


  1. If you have to write a program for your own life -that how it should go (or how it is going), how would you write it?
  2. Writing program for a Life
    Explain Inheritance, Operator overloading, Object orientation with the help of a program of your own life