[accordion title=”Read here” state=”open”] night7 Nights; Most awesome time have been for me to spend time with myself, to do what I want to do even after all the of routine with others. I feel having more quality time for myself.

Studying till 3-4 Am, is my normal schedule. People always have something to say about your habits, This is unnatural, Night are made to sleep and day are to work. I strongly oppose that. I say if so then what will happen to people who do night shift job? what about railway giving you services in night? police, medical, airplanes, transportation, communication systems and even all your entertainment is also available in nights. What about them? if night are to sleep, and let’s everybody give that time to sleep and no body to work. will that be possible?

You will always find some stupid reason from people to tell you that you are doing wrong? On the other hand there are plenty of arguments and examples  supports that. Let’s not go to argument and examples they are to fight only, but to some expression, physiologically and philosophy behind it.

Logistically, if you study/work in night at home….

will continue..   Nik’B
[30 Dec 2104, Tuesday 4:40Am]



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